Simple Dice Roller

This app targets Windows 8. You may also want to Go Mobile!

The Simple Dice Roller allows defining arbitrary dice rolls by using „dice codes“, e.g. the dice code „3d12+8“ results in a roll of 3 twelve-sided dice and the addition of 8 to the roll’s result. Separating dice codes by commas allows several rolls to be made at once.

Upon starting the app for the first time several dice will be predefined automatically for you:

  • 3d4* as exploding dice
  • 1d20, 1d12, 1d10, 1d8, 1d6, 1d4 as „standard“ dice
  • 2d6 and 3d6 as typical dice rolls used by some games
  • 1d12, 1d30, 1d100+1900 for generating simplified birthdates

You can add new dice giving them a display name of your choice and defining their dice code, change the definition of one dice tile by selecting it via right-click or swipe, or delete a tile completely. You may also re-order the tiles to your liking by dragging them to the desired position. If you delete all dice the app will re-create the default dice defined above when it is re-started.

Currently available in the Windows Store is Release 6 of the Simple Dice Roller: Download the App, it’s free!

If you want to donate to further development, feel free to do so (you may suggest features/changes upon check-out/confirmation of your donation):

More on Dice Codes

Dice Codes have to follow the format „nDs*+m„:

  • „n“ is the number of dice to roll and can be omitted (will be treated as n=1)
  • the letter „D“ may be written in lower- or upper-case and must be included
  • „s“ indicates the number of sides the dice should have, this may also be „f“ or „F“ indicating a FUDGE die that generates the numbers -1, 0, or 1
  • „*“ is optional and if present causes dice to „explode“, i.e. re-rolling and adding to the total if the highest side of a die comes up (over and over again) – FUDGE dice are excepted from exploding
  • „+“ may also be „-“ and must be omitted when „m“ is not given
  • „m“ is the number to be added to or subtracted from the rolled dice’s result

Adding a Success Condition

In release 6 success indication is a new feature of the app. Just append a success condition to your dice code (separated by a space) and see colors in the detailed results of the full screen display indicating success or failure. A success condition has the form „(n+)„, „(n-)„, „[n+]„, or „[n-]„. The brackets „[]“ indicate success checking for each roll (and each explosion-caused reroll), the parentheses „()“ indicate success checking of the roll’s total. „n+“ means „achieve target number n or more to succeed“ and „n-“ means „roll target number n or less to succeed“.

Versions & Change History

Release 2 improvements:

  • Correction of the dice randomizer
  • Remembering results of the current session between activations
  • Adding dice to dice in addition to just doing multiple rolls separated by commas

Release 3 improvements:

  • German localization

Release 4 improvements:

  • Shake recognition support (all dice will be (re-)rolled), ATTENTION: don’t shake devices that contain movable parts (e.g. HDD, CD/DVD)
  • Display of detailed roll results in addition to the total result
  • Correction of the dice code parser (adding dice now recognizes all dice, not only the first and last one)

Release 5 improvements:

  • Charting of result distribution for a given dice code
  • Exploding dice

Release 6 improvements:

  • Success indication

Planned features for upcoming releases:

  • Optionally remembering results of the current session until the next session
  • Some configurable UI tweakings
  • Grouping of dice
  • „Color“ dice