swrap – Service Wrapper

swrap is a small command line tool for wrapping executables to run as services. It also provides command line options to list, create and delete wrapped services. swrap supports shared process services and starting and stopping of services. It will stop a wrapped service by terminating the corresponding child process. I developed swrap to wrap Subversion server.

Status Jan 26, 2006: Version 0.1a released – 2012: No longer supported.

Download and Installation Read this license agreement before downloading the current EXEcutable file.

The executable file „swrap.exe“ is all that is needed; there is no installer, configuration file or registry entry. Click the link above and save the downloaded file somewhere in the path of your local system (e.g. „C:\WINDOWS“ or „C:\WINNT“). Type „swrap /?“ at the command line prompt and you should see something like the following (provided „swrap.exe“ is located somewhere on your path):

usage: swrap /l
       swrap /c "service-name" "command-line"
       swrap /d "service-name"


System Requirements swrap has been successfully tested on Windows® XP systems. It should also work on Windows® 2003, 2000 and NT machines.

How to use Type „swrap /l“ to list the names of all wrapped services. Type „swrap /c „service-name“ „command-line““ to create a new wrapped service. „service-name“ will be the name of the new service by which it will be known to the system (e.g. as in „net start „service-name““). This name is case-insensitive. „command-line“ represents the full path to the executable to be wrapped as well as the necessary command line arguments. Name and command line will be saved to the Registry key „HKLM\Software\netShore\Services“. Type „swrap /d „service-name““ to delete the named wrapped service.

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