Campaign Logger


Two years in design and development, and tested by over one hundred beta testers and Patrons, the Campaign Logger is the fastest, easiest way to take session notes and be the most organized game master you’ve ever been.

Clean and simple, the Campaign Logger lets you rapidly type in session notes without distraction at the game table.

Then the logger magically carves up your notes into NPCs, Locations, Items, and Plots, so you can find your notes anytime as fast as a quickling with Boots of Speed.

Our special tagging system means you can find any campaign detail with one or two clicks.

And unlike other methods, the Campaign Logger brings back all the notes you quest for with full context. It’s got to be experienced to fully understand the power of the design, but I can only describe it as 3D note taking.

We built the Campaign Logger to keep you undistracted at the gaming table, and to help you stay on top of all your campaign details. We hope you get a lifetime of use out of it for all your current and future campaigns.

Supported Platforms

The offline app version of Campaign Logger is available for Windows 8.1 and up, and Android 4.2 and up. There is also an online version available that can be used with any modern browser.

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We created a G+ community to handle support and feature requests. Please, join us there or contact us via e-mail.