CPX – Codepage Transformation/Conversion

CPX is a small command line tool for converting text files from one character encoding to another. Especially useful to convert codepage 850/1252 to UTF-8.

Status Sept 16, 2005: Version 1.0 released – 2012: No longer supported.

Download and Installation Read this license agreement before downloading the current EXEcutable file.

The executable file „cpx.exe“ is all that is needed; there is no installer, configuration file or registry entry. Click the link above and save the downloaded file somewhere in the path of your local system (e.g. „C:\WINDOWS“ or „C:\WINNT“). Type „cpx“ at the command line prompt and you should see something like the following (provided „cpx.exe“ is located somewhere on your path):

        cpx [options] [in-file-info] [out-file-info]

type cpx /? to display help message


System Requirements CPX has been successfully tested on Windows® XP systems. It should also work on Windows® 2000 machines.

Notice: Microsoft and Windows are either registered trademarks or trademarks of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and/or other countries.